Keeping Cool

When the summer temperatures soar, it's great for getting outdoors and enjoying all that there is to offer on those hot, dry, sunny days.

But there are times when you just want to get out of the sun and relax in a cool room.

This is especially so when you need to sleep at night. There is nothing worse than trying to get to sleep in a hot, sweaty room with no respite from the heat!

Well, it sure doesn't have to be that way, especially when you can have the air in your room cooled for a fraction of the cost that a whole house air conditioning system will cost you to install and maintain.

You can get a portable air cooling unit for a few hundred dollars that will keep you cool in whatever room in the house you decide to be in. Modern coolers are quiet running so you can sleep with them on all night long if you need them to.

Portable Air Conditioners

ventless portable air conditionerThere are several types of air conditioner that are truly portable. However, most still need to vent the hot exhaust air to the outside, so placing them near a small window or custom fan outlet is essential.

You can't just leave the unit to vent its hot air back into the room, or you'll end up with a net heating instead of cooling!

Most people go for the popular mini-split units that are fixed to the wall up high and don't really invade the space in a room much. Most of the time, you don't even know they're there. Out of sight and because modern units are so quiet, out of mind!

Non Venting?

Of course, for those that live in areas where the air is hot and very dry, you can get the true ventless portable air conditioner unit which is known as a "swamp cooler" or more correctly, an "evaporative cooler." These cooling units do not need to vent to the outside because they don't run on a refrigerant but instead use evaporation of water to cool the air.

They're incredibly cheap to run when compared to an A/C of similar size and output because there's no big compressor in there and none of the mechanics that A/C needs so nothing except a fan to draw electricity.

These units will not work in areas of high humidity, because once the air reaches a certain level of humidity, the effect of evaporative cooling stops working. If you're interested in these devices, you should read up on them to understand ho wthey work and under which circumstances they won't work before jumping in and spending your money on one.

You can get a load more information on all kinds of portable air cooling and true ventless air conditioner options in this detailed and informative article.