A Florida Christmas Extravaganza

There are few places in this country that celebrates Christmas to the nth degree as do Florida residents, so this year is gearing up to be an extravaganza of lighting, decoration and pizzazz with few to equal its sheer splendor!

In Jackson County, the starting blocks are already off as folks are preparing to spend big and spend well on the most outlandish, garish and dazzling displays they can possibly create for their homes.

christmas treeIt's no great surprise that people are willing to go to the greatest lengths to outdo their neighbors in what has become an annual neighborhood battle to see who can outshine everyone else on their street. And for that matter in their entire town. Some folks say you can actually see the illuminations from space, although I'm not so sure about that!

Festive Decor

While the outside of many people's homes will be ablaze with every imaginable lighting trick and display in the book, the inside of many homes will be more of a subdued affair, with traditional tree, decorations and all the trimmings that we expect to see in suburban dwellings. But that doesn't mean the swords will be out and ready to be crossed when it comes to who can create the best decorated Christmas tree, or who can hang the most amazing wreath on their front door!

With many folks opting for the more traditional live trees, many more are switching allegiance to artificial trees, since they have come such a long way from their old "plastic" look to some incredibly life-like creations. It's not just the life-like tress that are attracting buyers in recent years either.

Off the Wall

More are opting for the more outlandish designs of tree with colored versions in red, blue, white and even black becoming ever more popular. Last year a friend of mine had a bright cranberry colored tree with red lights and complimentary decorations and I have to say it did look stunning!

Another friend had a black tree with a mixture of red, white and blue LED lights that made for a stunning display in her living room. It's a sign of the times I guess that as more alternatives come along, people will jump on them just to be different from the guy next door.

So however you are planning on giving your home some festive zing this year, we hope you do it with some taste, creativity and splendor and make your street shine like it's never shined before!

Further Reading

I'm sure you'll appreciate some external reading to match this article. So here's a great website that specializes in all kinds of speciality festive decorations: Christmas Tree Factory. Go visit and see what they've got in there and what great ideas you can come away with for decorating your home in the festive holidays.